What is

The Socio is a Facility Management Platform for FMS / RWA / OWA to have their users connect as well as get their issues addressed in agreed SLA.

It gives a private platform to every resident to come together and make their community secure and lively.

A good society is a society where management doesn't hesitate to

"answer the right questions, to lead and have resident participate in critical conversations"

about what is important to us, what we value, what is working and what is not working.


What Socio can do

  • Grievance Redressal:
    The Socio offers self-service to users to raise their concerns and get it addressed by their facility authorities. They can share feedback on services received.
  • Socio BOT:
    Artificial intelligence designed to answer your queries related to important details and with out any manual intervention.
  • Important Contacts:
    Important contact details of internal as well as external (Hospitals, Fire and Police etc.) always handy in case of emergency or disaster.
  • Power Alert:
    Get instant push notifications for power switch from mains to DG or vice-versa.
  • Social:
    Never miss events happening in your facility and get notifications in advance. Event pics make it more memorable once made public by management on the platform.
  • Violation Alert:
    Residents act as eyes and ears of facility management by reporting violations on various categories to have proactive action taken.

What are we


The Socio offers wide categories for the residents to raise their issues and it instantly assign it to concerned department. Any action / update against your complaint will trigger a push notification and email to you to keep you updated.

Real Time Information

RWA/ FMS can post important alerts / notices / newsletters / current events on occasions real time to communicate to residents. Notifications will make sure the message is conveyed to each resident.

Facility Management Solutions

Keep track of your assets and be in compliance using Asset Tracker to ensure warranties extended on time. Manage move in/ move out, Billing Management and keep track of your visitors, workers & domestic staff etc.

Visitor Management

The Socio offers security feature for your facility by allowing easy check-ins for your visitors and instant notifications to host when visitor arrives. Pre-register your visitors and security will instantly be updated.

Private Social Platform

Facility users or residents can interact with each other privately in various forums basis categories. Nobody can be a better neighborhood guide then your fellow residents.


Know what all is happening in your facility through enterprise dashboard and get access to granular level of data which helps you to know persistent problems for action on priority etc.

For Management
The Socio is a Facility Management Platform for FMS / RWA / OWA to have their users connect as well as get their issues addressed in agreed SLA.
For any support, you can send an email to
Currently, we support all major platforms including android, iphone and web.
Your data is stored in a private secure database server powered by google cloud platform security compliance and is never shared with any 3rd party.
No, your email ID is unique username for a person on The Socio platform and multiple persons can not have same email ID's.
The Socio is gives you a free trial of 30 days post which you can choose any among different pricing plans we offer according to your society requirement.
For Residents
App Preview

The screenshots take you through the entire journey of management through The Socio, starting from resident grievance redressal, alerts, notices, 2 way communication, secure visitor management to finally getting resident feedback.

App Preview

The screenshots show the complete process that goes into using the application. It includes reporting a complaint, viewing the forums, alerts, and notices, taking polls, events and taking the assistance of BOT for any queries.

Available on App Store and Google Play

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The Socio is a product of Zykoon Technologies.

Zykoon is a young technology & innovation driven company primarily working towards Digital Transformation.

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